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If you're struggling with accountability at the gym, fitness classes might be just what you need to keep that motivation going. All Around Fitness has plenty of fitness classes for you to choose from at our facility in Bangor, ME. Grab a few friends, make new ones at the gym and have a great time with one of our specially trained instructors.

Enroll in one of our workout classes today by visiting our local fitness center.

Workout classes for every member

There's something for everyone at All Around Fitness, whether you want to grow your glutes or focus on weight loss. Our most popular workout classes include...

  • Les Mills, which uses weight-based exercises to tone and strengthen your muscles
  • Plump the Peach, which focuses on activating your glute muscles for a lifted butt
  • TRX, which allows you to utilize your own body weight for a full-body burn

If you're interested in our fitness classes, stop by our local gym today for a free three-day trial.