Explore Our Local Fitness Center in Bangor, ME

Explore Our Local Fitness Center in Bangor, ME

We have training options for everyone

When you sign up for an open gym membership, you should never be without the equipment you need. All Around Fitness has a facility in Bangor, ME full of professional equipment, including free weights, cardio machines and barbells.

Get a membership at our local fitness center today to get started.

Train your way

Everyone has a preferred style of training, and All Around Fitness wants to make sure you have access to all the equipment you need. You can utilize our fitness center for...

  • Weight training. Make use of our free weights to train in a way that works for you. Bodymaster, HammerStrength, Tribex, LifeFitness, Hoist, 180 Tire Flip
  • Powerlifting. We have a separate powerlifting room with a fully equipped squat rack. Monolift, Regulation benches/bars, Specialty bars.
  • Cardio. Get in a good sweat on a treadmill, elliptical, spin bike or rowing machine.
  • Workout classes. Join your friends for a fun time in one of our group fitness classes.

Our open gym is designed to incorporate all types of training so you can achieve all of your goals.