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All Around Fitness is located in Bangor, ME

You don't have to dread the gym any longer. Make it your sanctuary for self-improvement by joining the community at All Around Fitness in Bangor, ME. With everything from fitness classes to personal training opportunities, you'll find a way to work out that you truly enjoy.

There's something for everyone here

All Around Fitness is a welcoming, open environment for individuals at all fitness levels. When you join our local gym, you can...

  • Jump on a spin bike to get in a fun, energetic sweat
  • Hit the free weights and machines to build muscle and transform your physique
  • Work with one of our personal trainers to create a unique plan
  • Join one of our workout classes for a good time with friends
  • Grab a protein smoothie or energy tea at our nutrition bar, 360 Nutrition

Interested in learning more about weight training? Talk to one of our personal trainers about your goals today.

More information about our memberships

Joining a gym is an exciting step toward your goals. When you visit us, we'll give you a free three-day pass so you can try everything out before committing to a complete gym membership. There are memberships for everyone, including single-day passes, yearlong memberships and contract-free memberships.

For more information, reach out to our team today.

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